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Trade Notice

             The following are the trade notices issued by Vadodara -II Commissionerate. Some of these  Trade Notices were issued communicating various Tariff and Non tariff Notifications. Reference of the notifications is given against the Trade Notice which can be accessed from the website

 Trade Notices/Circulars/Standing Orders/Public Notices for the YEAR-2008
 1) Trade Notice No. 01/2008-CE  dtd. 03.03.2008
 Subject: Budget 2008-09 –Introduction of Finance Bill, 2008 in the Lok Sabha-Changes relating to   Central Excise & Customs.
 Trade Notices/Circulars/Standing Orders/Public Notices for the YEAR-2007
 1)  Public Notice No. 01/2007 dtd. 07.03.2007
 Sub.: Launching of Departmental Website.
 1) Trade Notice No. 01/2007 dtd. 10.01.2007
Sub.: De-authorisation of 12 existing authorized branches of
Bank of Baroda for 
collection of CBEC revenue for Central Excise
Commissionerates - Vadodara-I & Vadodara- II.
 2) Trade Notice No. 02/2007 dtd. 11.01.07
Sub: Based on Notification NO 30/06-CE (NT) dtd. 30.12.06, Notification No .31/06 –(CE/NT) dtd.30.12.06, Notification No .32/06-(CE/NT) dtd 30.12.06
 3)  Trade Notice No. 3/2007 dtd. 12.01.07
Sub: Measures to provide deterrence for tax evaders in the manufacturing sector-reg.
 4) Trade Notice No. 4/2007 dtd. 07.02.07
 Sub: Exemption from Central Excise Duty to parts falling under any Chapter when used within the factory of production for manufacture of goods of heading 8701-regarding.
 5) Trade Notice No. 5/2007 dtd. 28.02.07
 Sub: Proposing to charge excise duty on agriculture tractors-Regd.
 6) Trade Notice No. 6/2007 dtd. 28.02.07
Subject: Budget 2007-08 –Introduction of Finance Bill, 2007 in the Lok Sabha-Changes relating to   Central Excise & Customs.
 7) Trade Notice No. 07/2007  dtd. 2.3.07 
 Sub: Based on Notification NO.8/07-CE(NT) to 14/07-CE(NT) dtd. 1.3.2007.
 8) Trade Notice No. 08/2007 dtd.  2.3.07
 Sub: Based on Notification No. 3/07-CE to 18/07-CE dtd. 1.3.2007.
 9) Trade Notice No. 09/2007 dtd. 12.04.07
 Sub: Implementation of  EASIEST and   e- payment of  Central Excise Duties.
 10) Trade Notice No. 10/07 dtd. 4.05.07
 Sub:  Accounting of Collection of "Secondary and Higher Education Cess".
 11) Trade Notice No. 11/2007 dtd. 27.08.2007
 Sub.: Central Excise - Declaration required to be filed by small scale and medium scale  industries availing  value based exemption   – reg
 12) Trade Notice No. 12/07 dtd. 18.09.07
 Sub:  Instruction for units manufacturing Pan Masala, Gutkha and Chewing Tobacco.
1) Trade Notice No. 01/06-07 dtd. 2.01.2006
Sub: Based on Notification No. 35/05 CE dtd. 29.11.05
2) Trade Notice No. 02/06 dtd. 10.01.06

Sub: Based on Notfn No. 36/05 CE dtd. 29.12.05, Notfn. No.
37/05 CE dtd 30.12.05 & Notfn. No. 38/05 CE dtd. 30.12.05

3) Trade Notice No. 3/06 dtd. 27.01.06
Sub: Based on Notfn. No 37/05 CE (NT) Dtd. 30.12.05
4) Trade Notice No. 04/06 dtd. 07.02.2006

Sub: Shifting of office of the Dahod (outsector) under the office of Supdt., Range -I, (Godhra) and office of Supdt., Range-II (Kalol) of Halol Division - reg.

5) Trade Notice No. 05/06 dtd. 01.03.2006

Sub: Budget 2006-07 - Introduction of Finance Bill, 2006 in the
Lok Sabha- Changes relating to Central Excise & Customs.

6) Trade Notice No. 06/06 dtd. 01.03.2006

Sub:  Budget 2006-07 - Introduction of Finance Bill, 2006 in the 
 lok Sabha - Changes relating to Service Tax

7) Trade Notice No. 07/06 dtd. 28.02.06
Sub: Based on Service Tax Notification No. 1/06 to 7/06, Central Excise Notification No. 2/06 CE(NT) & 3/06 CE(NT) C.Ex. Notification 3/06 to 21/06. Customs, Notfn. No. 9/06 to 20/06.
8) Trade Notice No. 08/06 dtd. 06.03.06
Sub: Implementation of Citizen Charter and Public Grievances / Staf Grievances.
 9) Trade Notice No. 09/06 dtd. 21.03.06
 Sub: Based on Notfn. No 25/06 CE Dtd. 20.03.06
 10) Trade Notice No. 10/06 dtd. 28.03.06
 Sub: Receipt of Central/State Government Taxes by the Banks
Arrangements for the current Financial Year (2005-06) regarding.
 11) Trade Notice No. 11/06 dtd. 30.03.06
 Sub: Based on Notfn. No 4/06 CE (NT) Dtd. 14.03.06 &
         Notfn. NO. 5/06 CE (NT) dtd. 14.03.06
 12) Trade Notice No. 12/06 dtd. 30.03.06
 Sub: Based on Notfn. No 23/06 CE dtd. 1.03.06
 13) Trade Notice No. 013/06 dtd. 13.04.06

 Sub: Based on Notfn. No 24/06 CE dtd. 16.03.06, Notfn. No.
25/06 CE dtd. 20.03.06, Notfn. No. 26/06 CE dtd. 22.03.06
and Notfn. No. 27/06 CE dtd. 30.03.06

 14) Trade Notice No. 14/06 DTD13.04.06
 Sub: Based on Notfn No 06/06 CE (NT)DTD.20.03.06 & Notfn No 07/06 CE (NT)DTD.22.03.06
 15) Trade Notice No. 15/06 DTD. 9.06.06
 Sub: Based on Notfn No 08/06 CE (NT)DTD.19.04.06,Notfn No 09/06 CE (NT)DTD.21.04.06&Notfn No 10/06 CE (NT)DTD.24.04.06
 16) Trade Notice No. 16/06 DTD 25.05.06
 Sub: Based on Notfn. Notfn No 28/06 CE DTD.25.04.06,Notfn No 29/06 CE DTD.04.05.06&Notfn No 30/06 CE DTD.09.05.06
 17) Trade Notice No. 17/06 DTD.8.06.06
 Sub: Based on Notfn No 31/06 CE DTD.17.05.06&Notfn No 32/06 CE DTD.25.05.06
 18) Trade Notice No. 18/06 DTD. 13.06.06
 Sub: Based on Notfn No 24/06 CE DTD.16.03.06,Notfn No
25/06 CE DTD.20.03.06,Notfn No 26/06 CE DTD.22.03.06 &
Notfn No 27/06 CE DTD.30.03.06
 18-A) Trade Notice No. 18-A/06 DTD 28.07.06
 Sub: Clarification with regard to section 2(f) of the Central Excise Act. 1944.-reg
 19) Trade Notice No. 19/06 DTD 28.07.06
 Sub: De-authorisation of 12 existing authorized branches of Bank of Baroda for    collection of CBEC revenue for Central Excise Commissionerates- Vadodara-I & Vadodara- II.
 20) Trade Notice No. 20/06 DTD 28.08.06
 Sub: Accounting of Collection on Account of “Additional Duty of Excise on Pan Masala and Certain Tobacco Product.”
 21) Trade Notice No. 21/06 DTD 5.09.06
 Sub:  The Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act,2006. –Reg.
 22) Trade Notice No. 22/06 DTD 21.09.06
 Sub: Submission of Refund claims and Rebate claims for the duty paid on excisable goods - reg.
 23) Trade Notice No. 23/06 DTD 3.10.06
 Sub:  To withdraw the SSI exemption on power driven pumps designed to handle water- regarding.
 24) Trade Notice No. 24/06DTD 3.10.06

 Sub: Based on Notfn No 18/06 CE(NT) DTD.30.09.06,Notfn No
19/06 CE (NT) DTD.30.09.06,Notfn No 20/06 CE (NT)DTD.
30.09.06,Notfn No 21/06 CE(NT) DTD.30.09.06&Notfn No
22/06 CE DTD.30.03.06

 25) Trade Notice No. 25/06DTD.24.11.06
 Sub: Based on Notfn No 23/06 CE DTD.12.10.06 &Notfn No 24/06 CE DTD.14.11.06
 26) Trade Notice No. 26/06 DTD 15.12.06
 Sub: Mention of the Assessee Code mandatory on TR-6 Challans-Regd.
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